Mori girl 30 day challenge – day 10

10- What are your favorite books? do you think they’re mori or not?

My number one, absolute favorite book is A Little Princess by F. H. Burnett. In the mori community F.H.B. is famous for her other book, The secret garden (which I also really like). A Little princess is not a typical mori book, but the mood is really suitable for mori girl. It is full of wonders, the power of imagination and lovable characters. The main character, Sara, would be a perfect mori girl (maybe not by fashion, but definitely by lifestyle.)

My other favorite is Marina by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Also not a typical mori book, more like a gothic one but I fell in love with it at the first time, and reread it at least twice since.

Mori girl 30 day challenge – day 8

8- What is your favorite type of plant life? whether it be tree, bush, flower, fruit or vegetable? why is it so special to you?

My favorite tree is the Sequoiadendron giganteum. There used to one of these beautiful trees in the arboretum of the hotel where we spent our family vacations. Every year the first thing I did after arriving was to say hi to the tree. It seemed so magical… Like a fairy tree. Unfortunately it got an illness, and had to be cut down a few years ago. But the trunk is still there, now serving as a look-out tower. sam_0976

Mori girl 30 day challenge – day 7

7- are you also a lolita? I find a lot of mori girls do lolita as well! whether you are or aren’t a lolita, why do you think this is?

I’m not a lolita, although I was absolutely in love with the style and wanted to become one a few years ago. In my opinion, even though the two styles seem drastically different at the first glance, the ideology behind them are quite similar. They both build on our childhood dreams, like becoming a princess/forest fairy/etc, and provide an opportunity for adults to… well… basically to play dress-up. (The latter by the way should totally be something normal, like I should be able to walk down the street in a pretty rococo dress or even in a full on animal costume, if I want to, without getting weird looks from people!)

Mori girl 30 day challenge – day 6

6- what sort of things, outside of fashion, do you consider to be part of a mori girl lifestyle?

Ah, I could list so many things… 🙂

Loving nature and caring about it by recycling and composting, staying curious, approaching things with a positive attitude, finding beauty in little things…

But most importantly: being yourself  and keep dreaming!

Mori girl 30 day challenge – day 5

5- name 5 things you dislike about mori girl.

  1. Finding clothes in this style requires some extra effort.
  2. The occasional weird looks by people (my outfit is none of their business!!).
  3. I don’t know any other mori girls. (I’m not sure whether there is an another one in my country.)
  4.  Wearing too light colors.
  5. Wearing too much lace (don’t get me wrong, I love lace, but it is highly inconvenient in the forest).